Direct Line Podcast #008: Craig Cunningham

by Jon Platt | December 22, 2020

Creative work can sometimes feel especially hard, lonely, and demoralizing. How do you stay the course, despite those struggles, through the messy middle and ship work you feel called to do?

In this episode, Jon discusses how to bring creative work into the world, feel confident and energized through the roughest parts of the creative process, and do it all with a full-time day job. Our guide this week is Craig Cunningham (‘08). Craig is the Content Manager for Magnolia and previously served as editor-in-chief of Baylor Line Magazine. In fact, if you go back a few episodes in this show, you can hear Craig’s interview with some really important members of the Baylor Family, like John Morris, Derek Haas, and Sherry Castello. Craig has also been a creative writer for his entire adult life. He recently published a five-book series of longform poetry title Theology.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:
Read Craig’s bio
Find out more about Theology
Buy Theology on Amazon

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