It's In us to give back. It's what bears do.

Perhaps nothing shows the green & gold pride better than when we come together for each other.

The Baylor Line Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to representing the independent and diverse voices of Baylor Alumni. Since our founding in 1859, we have believed that every voice is important for a strong Baylor. Our work includes yearly events, a magazine titled The Baylor Line that has been running since 1946, and most importantly - funding scholarships for the next generation of Baylor students. 

In 2018, The Baylor Line Foundation gave more than $100K in scholarships to Baylor legacy students.

No other organization gives this much to scholarships, which furthers our impact on the university. Financial support from Torchbearer memberships enable students to explore the many opportunities Baylor has to offer.

Join us, as we continue to serve present, and future, baylor students.