Spring 2018

Over the last few years, Waco has undergone dramatic changes, and Baylor has been an intentional partner. McLane Stadium certainly influences perceptions of those who pass through on the interstate. But more is in the works. Much more. After enduring decades of empty talk about downtown development, a few key leaders are finally making good on the promise. Yes, a big part of the transformation is the Chip and Joanna effect. But that’s an incomplete interpretation of what is happening here. Baylor graduates are sticking around and opening businesses like never before. The city is luring alumni who own large businesses to bring high-paying jobs to Waco and appeal to graduates. Waco has the rugged energy of a boomtown, on the verge of regaining the status and promise it hasn’t had since the devastating tornado of 1953.
The newest issue of The Baylor Line takes a look at Baylor's relationship with Waco, and how bridges are being built over I35. This includes an interview with Waco Mayor and Baylor Grad Kyle Deaver. Read it here.