BLF Internships

Internships with the Baylor Line Foundation are available during the spring and fall. Each semester, we take four interns, with one each in the areas of editorial, production, design, and marketing. We require between 10-15 hours per week, under a flexible schedule. Throughout the program, interns will gain class credit, valuable experience, and be expected to develop projects along with our full time staff. We want to create a real-life experience where interns are challenged and given opportunities to pursue projects they are passionate about. Each internship will be overseen by either creative or communications directors.

Internship Positions

Editorial: The Editorial Intern will develop pitches, pursue stories, aid in the planning of the magazine, research, edit content, and coordinate with writers and photographers.

Production: The Production Intern will develop and produce video, podcasts, and other media projects. Responsibilities will include working on set, operating equipment, and working through the postproduction process.

Design: The Design Intern will develop visuals and layouts for promotional products, the magazine, events, and other creative projects as needed.  

Marketing: The Marketing Intern will work to sell the value of the brand to current members and those who are not yet members. This person will work on events, social media, promotions, and develop creative ways to grow the influence and voice of the brand. This person will also work with creative teams to coordinate marketing efforts with production cycles.


To apply for an internship, please submit your resume and the application to [email protected]. Please signify which internship position you would like to fill, and include a link to relevant work. Internship application deadlines are November 1 (Spring) and July 1 (Fall).