Full Circle: Christmas at the Silos freshman to senior year

by Olivia Bragg | December 8, 2019

Video and photo by Olivia Bragg.

I don’t like Christmas music.

My friends tease me about it, but I only like three songs: “Go Tell It on the Mountain” by Penny and Sparrow, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey and “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Michael Bublé and Idina Menzel.

But I love concerts. So as a freshman, I decided to spend my first Christmas season at Baylor with Chip and Jo, Phil Wickham and Shane & Shane at Christmas at the Silos.

Because of ticket prices and scheduling conflicts, I haven’t been back since. Until this weekend when I got to spend my last Christmas at Baylor with the same group.

As a senior, it was just as fantastic and worth the $40 it was when I was a freshman.

Despite more people (wow), more days (two weekends instead of one) and more artists (they added Drew & Ellie Holcomb to the lineup), it still reminded me what I needed to remember.

Christmas is more than the same old songs I still don’t like. It’s about worshipping Jesus and how He came down so I wouldn’t have to climb up to Him. He wants a relationship with me and gave up everything to say so.

Christmas at the Silos is my favorite Waco tradition not just because of the chilling harmonies from three of my favorite worship artists. (Especially, in my biased opinion, their version of “Go Tell It on the Mountain.”)

It’s because even as a different person walking into Magnolia than I was three years ago, I still leave the string-light-lit Silos singing, “Come Let Us Adore Him.”