Direct Line Podcast #004: Rae Jefferson

by Jon Platt | November 4, 2020

At a predominantly white institution like Baylor, what is the Person of Color experience like? While we all love Baylor and chose to come here for a reason, there are a lot of problems with how the university and community approaches race. As a Baylor Family Member of Color, you may feel routine instances of otherness, isolation, or soft racism. You may be wondering if you’ll ever find acceptance, community, and self-fulfillment in a place so different from your culture.

In this episode, Jon discusses how to find a community built on shared values and experiences, acceptance, and open-mindedness; so that you can feel a part of both a small community at Baylor and like you’ve found your place in the Baylor Family; and how to ensure that your community not only accepts you, but helps you grow as a person with our guide, Rae Jefferson (‘16).

Rae is the communications director at Waco Family Health  Center. Previously, she served as  the director of marketing and  communications for Creative  Waco. Her work has appeared in  numerous publications. She lives in  Waco, Texas, and is back at Baylor,  pursuing a Master’s in journalism. 

In this episode, you will hear—

  • Who Rae is, and how she has made Waco her home since graduating from undergraduate in 2016 
  • What it’s like for Rae to be back at Baylor as a master’s student, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the classroom experience
  • How Rae came to understand and embrace her identity as a Person of Color during her undergraduate years at Baylor 
  • How Rae found a community at Baylor that helped her to love and accept every part of herself
  • Why it is so important for Baylor Students of Color to find communities that can help them discover the joys of loving their cultures and themselves

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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