Direct Line Podcast #003: Sophia Alejandro

by Jon Platt | October 27, 2020

In a pivotal year of racial unrest, what is Baylor doing to help reconcile and atone with its past? We know you love Baylor, but do you know what to think about its history on race? Do you feel uncomfortable discussing the topic of race or wonder why we even need to discuss it at all? Have you ever wondered if there’s even a way to resolve this tension at all?

In this episode, Jon discusses the university’s response and current commitments to students, faculty, staff, and alumni of color, so that you can be more informed and engaged in the work we must do as the Baylor Family; you will also get to hear stories of specific leaders working to make the Baylor we love even better with Sophia Alejandro (‘21)

Sophia Alejandro (‘21) is a junior from San Antonio, Texas and an editorial intern at Baylor Line Magazine. She is majoring in journalism, public relations, and new media with two minors in business and legal reasoning analysis. Her end goal is to become a lawyer. In addition to her life as a Baylor student and Baylor Line Foundation intern, Sophia serves as a campus tour guide for Baylor Undergraduate Admissions.

In this episode, you will hear—

  • What Sophia experienced both as a researcher examining race on Baylor’s campus and as a student of color.
  • Why considering Baylor’s institutional structures is important when trying to understand race on campus.  
  • What @dearbaylor is and how students and alumni of color are using it to tell their stories.
  • What Baylor and President Livingstone are doing to try and reconcile past mistakes and create a more inclusive future for Baylor Family members of color.
  • How Sophia is able to channel her love for Baylor into positive solutions and change.   

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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